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Carlos From Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation: Sales
Carlos Gets His First Paying Client Less Than 5 Weeks In!
Bill From Long Island, New York
Occupation: School Teacher
Bill Adds $1,000/month To His Income!
Katy B From Australia
Occupation: IT Manager
Katy Lands a Major Corporate Client Using Her Favorite Part of LMV!
Dasha From Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Photographer
Dasha Gets Unbelievable Results For Her Client!
Eli From New Jersey
Occupation: Finance
'Unconfident' Eli Finds Success 3 Weeks After Joining!
Kim From Baltimore, Maryland
Occupation: Stay-At-Home-Mom
Kim Comes In With Zero Experience and Earns Extra Income For Family!
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Jason's Case Study
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Chris' Case Study
Inside the FB Group Sneak Peek…
Someone was curious if this stuff really works so they were let into our FB group temporarily to take a look and here’s what our students had to say…
The Most Common Questions We Get Asked:
1. Who is the Guy in the Video?
Name is James and I am a former Business Teacher turned Vice Principal turned Local Marketing Genius! lol Not really a genius, but I do work HARD!
2. Why this Model and Not an MLM or Affiliate Marketing?
I believe in having a business, not some shiny object that will come and go. Plus, I rather make 100% of my money rather than 50% and don't get me started on stuffing your garage with Vitamins! :)
3. I kinda get it, but in less words, WHAT. IS. THIS?
Business Owners need Leads. It is their life blood. All we do is become the Bridge (2 Page Simple Site) and connect the Business Owner to the Consumer (Paid Ads). 
4. So why is your program different than others?
When you come into our Program, we literally give you the tools, pages and ads we use day in and day out to run our own Local Business Marketing. That eliminates the THEORY AND FLUFF, and allows us to just give you what has worked for us. 
5. Can I try it and get refunded if I don't think it will work?
NOPE! What we give are ASSETS and once you get access to them, we can't take them back. Sorry, but think of it like a Cake, once you eat, ain't no way to return. ;) haha
6. "You had me at Hello" but why tell anyone about this? 
Again, we are all after the same thing. A Lifestyle. I help you, you help the business owner and everyone walks away happier. 
7. I don't know anything about Marketing or Local Businesses. 
That's cool but we do. Our Program has intensive training's, tools and everything we use to run a mid 5 figure a month business. We can take a newbie to Stud in months, and hell, nothing tickles us more than hearing our success stories. You gonna be our next?
8. My Pocket isn't deep, I work full time, can I still succeed at this?
Good thing for you, starting an online business doesn't take much money. Some tools and domains and your good to go. Time? I built this from the ground up with a full time job for years...couple hours a week cool? 
9. If I get on a call is someone going to Sell Me?
Probably. I think we all want the same thing. You want to know the HOW and we got it for you. Think of the call like this. Our coach will walk you through the process, answer all your doubts. If you still don't want to move forward, it's cool, but remember, where you are today, without action, is where you will be tomorrow. Lets change that together!
DISCLAIMER: It's a rather simple disclaimer. All the success stories, my success and any success you see on my pages are the TRUTH. Nothing is being hidden nor blown out of proportion. However, this DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL MAKE ANYTHING using this system. The reason is we are extraordinary people, meaning we work very hard to obtain this success, so since I don't know you or your work ethic, it is impossible for any guarantee. There may even be a possibility you will lose money. It is like the gym, if you don't show up, you lose your gym membership money. The same goes here. 
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